A ChemistrY Class





When I met you, I was broken

my being was reduced to a fraction

You weren’t who I would have chosen

but there was a growing attraction


Those feelings began multiplying

as the time we spent was gratifying

Our connection so electrifying,

it wasn’t even worth denying.


Every day my love for you just grew

the butterflies inside just flew

Not concerned where we headed to

as long as I got to leave with you


I became a giddy girl at school

I certainly had no scruples

about becoming your little pupil

Teacher, help me for I’m a fool


Every day there became good

Found any reason that I could

To talk and not do what I should  

If I could only confess, I would


This is how I fell in love with my friend

It was that which I did not intend

Yet, with these feelings, I couldn’t contend

There came a day I could no longer pretend

although I could see the way it would end.


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