Always Wash your hands to prevent disease,
but never let the media wash your brain.

It’s like a video game cheat code

utilized to make our faith erode

Manufacturing and mass-producing fear

Convincing us it’s unsafe afloat this sphere

As if we couldn’t possibly all be safe here

Placing people in sanitary confinement

Finding new ways to socially experiment

Negative media subjugating entertainment

Implementing psychological detainment

We’re supposedly protected by patrol

Hospitals and centers for disease control

But the disease is the center of mind control

The mental locks are far more detrimental

Revoking our freedoms for illness suppression

Forcing our minds into a hopeless depression

Spewing statistics now a symptomatic obsession

Just more propaganda to further our oppression

Lab-grown germs that strongly increase division

These people, those individuals, this place

Beware, cancel, hide at home, cover your face

We weren’t born to exact a bunch of orders

We’re meant to cross the nonexistent borders

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