D 'n A

To be optimistic

Is unrealistic

It’s scientific

It was some eukaryotic cells

Which created my neurotic hell

D for depression and A for anxiety

These initials are encoded in my DNA

Together they wind my coil of turmoil

In my DNA is a biological disadvantage

Responsible for my psychological damage

The genetic instructions

To my dysfunction

The bonds and sequence

For all of my weakness

The double helix I can’t fix

If it won’t unwind

how can I change my mind

If only my parents could push rewind

Then no longer would my existence define

The “Mal – function” of mankind

I don’t know when my depression or anxiety are going to strike. They feed off of each other like some kind of symbiotic Siamese twins. Some days, I wake up with feelings of depression or anxiety straight away, but on other days, they randomly come in the middle of the day or even towards the end.

Living with mental illness is a struggle, but I shouldn’t have to hide my mind from anyone. It sucks when you don’t want to be honest about your depression and anxiety because you do not want to be quickly staved off by those you love due to your incessant “negativity.” 

Despite the stigma, I refuse to hide it and put on some fake-ass persona of being content and at peace 100% of the time. Not only do I refuse to do that, but I do not trust people who do. And I am definitely not going to conceal how I feel for people who aren’t real enough to love me anyway.

Sometimes, it seems that people want to see surface-level fake shit, but what they need is something real–truth.

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