Inner Light of Home


You yearn for true love like most guys

But love of freedom is your guise

When you need security

you retreat

To take refuge in my unhoused heart

My hearth is adorned with familiarity

And memories

But the fire won’t burn forever


You yearn to let your free spirit fly


Yet there remains something so elusive

That you’re wanting, it holds you captive

not even you can hear your heart cry

I used to be the same,

I ran away from home

Around the world I did roam

but I grew so lonely

left in my own company

Until that feeling finally

consumed me


One way ticket in hand,

I boarded the plane

came back home for shelter

In that stormy weather,

When everything went helter-skelter

I found the woman I had left 

I had to find my love deep inside me

Like searching for fish in the sea

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