Math is Power

Know your value or you’ll have to solve that problem

Know that problem-solving involves many steps

Create a formula for your highest success

Once you find what works, rely on it and don’t deviate

Reduce and simplify whenever possible

Subtract whatever isn’t adding to your life

Add in some gratitude

to multiply the power of your prayers

Bet on yourself against all odds

Square your debts

Divide what you can share with your homies

When you’re at zero, think positive

Avoid reducing to the negative

Regroup yourself and get back in the game

Life circumstances are variable

Your bodily vehicle is material

but there are infinite possibilities

for your Soul’s potential

Your existence is essential

to the collective as a whole

Remember that there is power in numbers

You’re never as alone as you might feel

Remember that math is power

and you’re the 2nd power to The Creator

When life seemingly reduces you to a mere fraction of your being 

The Creator reveals your essence is absolutely everything





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