I don’t want any more amazing people that I love to leave our lives or—to put it in a nicer way—‘transcend.’ Sometimes the pain of loss is so overwhelming that I just want to go back into my room and burst into tears…especially lately. Unsurprisingly, some of the brightest lights in my life seem to have been extinguished in a rapid flicker. All of these people were especially unique individuals who had their own stories, yet all shared one commonality: they had a brightness unparalleled by most.


I know that life is for living and any one of them would be right by my side convincing me why I should be having fun in the short span I’m alive. They would be cheering me up with laughter until a smile finally cracks across my face and the tears subside…then, we go outside. Then, we go do the damn thing; we live.


I live life and carry the spirit of those no longer with me because death has touched my LIFE, and I know that death is really life in that it reminds us how precious each moment is. Death has taught me that life and vigor can be transmitted from those who are no longer in the physical body into energy which remains alongside us for the ride…until, one day, it will be our turn to get off too. When I remember, I don’t need to question or wonder why they aren’t physically there. They are with me in spirit.


Today, I will share something that I wrote in 2017, not long after losing one of my best friends:

I suppose that the shiniest beings take their ascendance to the sky before the rest of us so that they can become eternal stars.

For they are such beacons of light that their presence on this Earth would eventually become so powerful that it would blind those of us who are in the shadows of existence.

In turn, they vacate their bodies to go to the heavens and join the celestial body, where they can illuminate the path to guide the rest of us on our journeys.

Maybe their dharma is to be the light that transcends human existence into a timeless, formless entity that is pure soul.

They are angels who descend on this Earth briefly to share their light. 

“Cats down under the stars tonight.”

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