Symptoms include:

  • holding loved ones dear
  • expressing gratitude for things previously taken for-granted
  • faith in the collective to restore our world to sanity
  • acceptance of circumstances beyond our individual control
  • actively training the mind and working on finding solutions to those things which we have control over
  • letting go of anything you fear to lose
  • hopeful vision for creating a better future
  • finding new hobbies instead of things to complain about
  • staying mindful of thoughts and keeping those which are negative in check
  • increased selflessness
  • taking responsible precautions in order to keep others safe
  • exercising clear, sound judgment
  • leading a simple life of solitude
  • practicing meditation
  • refusing to allow fear propagated by the media to sway one’s own inner wisdom and judgment


Statistics reveal that, in recent weeks, reported cases of this strange virus were at an all-time low. However, now this super virus is quickly gaining momentum and spreading across the globe like wildfire.

It seems that OPTIMISM-20/20 is innate in each of us from birth, but problematic practices of overindulgence, materialism, attachment, egoism, and self-centeredness in our society often cause it to lie dormant within. In order to activate your very own case of OPTIMISM-20/20, you need only remember to breathe deeply, thereby connecting to the Prana (life-force), and allowing it to bond to your cells.

Doctors have found that, once activated, the virus may be contagious and able to be transmitted—even without direct contact with others. If you have contracted the virus and are exhibiting any of the above symptoms, then spread that shit around like COVID-19! Lastly. remember that a smile can be infectious!

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