Our bodies rhythmically 

swaying with one another

Hearts beating in unison, 

connecting through touch

Tapping the drum of our taut skin, 

warmed flesh becomes tender 

in its sweet submission

and surrender


In this moment,

 we are supported

 by something larger


by our artistic candor

and existing in Divine harmony

Here, we are as relative as a chord family

Do take care to savor

that which may later

give way to a syncopated matrimony

What once was in time 

can become violent cacophony

Utterly unrecognizable from our bodies’ 

formerly shared melody…


And so I extend to you, not my devotion

but a brief period of collaboration

neither my hand nor unrelenting adoration

simply this larger than life sensation

that is our souls’ ancient groove


Let’s not loop the track

or try to get his moment back

I’ll leave the past where it belongs

and put it into song

for this is what we were gifted

and have been  meant to share all along

For what we have exacted, 

we’ve done nothing wrong.

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Art by Jason Suave

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